Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Slow Progressing...

After finishing major stuff for work and my online course I might have plenty of time in my hands (neglecting the fact that I didn't work on the Arabic poster that I always wanted to do), but still I can't work on the story... the mood swings take a large portion of my mind.
I tried to write down some words but the story is still in its beginning although I reached 70s in lines' numbers.
The list of games is growing and I can't play them too since there is no mood as well!!!
Thinking of doing a simple homepage for my brother to put his CV on it with some of his work. He might be able to work online as well.
In the same time, I'm still planning to visit the island of Failaka even though I never heard back from those people. At least just to visit the place and change some mood away from the city. I need to get the schedule. It is almost the end of March now and very likely we might go out in April if I was lucky enough! ..... no one is able to get the schedule of the trips to the island and I'm busy here in this office doing stuff and can't leave that long (and if I have the time, no mood too).

You might be surprised to see me talk about my mood all the time but, this is my main problem. Everything is controlled by my mood. I can't enhance that, and everytime I try to do so I just fail again and again! What to do if you have a noisy home in the first place and surrounded by people that look at you as an alien?

Well, Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig everyone, Happy St. Patrick Day (nope I don't celebrate it!).

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