Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Although I did record the first part of the story of Alexander (which was relatively short) but this time I decided to do it again. I got new mic, so this ought to be different a bit. I never thought that recording is going to be that hard with so many mistakes while speaking. i'm afraid of the mic even when I'm all alone by myself!
Anyway seems I still have to fix some settings to get the recording done correctly... the quality is still not good after I made it down to 8-bit resolution. I might put a sample later on when I get things right and the noise reduced.

I got myself a sketching book and some pencils with different levels of shading in order to try my luck with sketching, and I started with some trials to draw the Charnagút. I will put it on a scanner and then try to fix the rest in the pc.

As the story goes on, I reached 1300s in lines number, and with the current events taking place I think I will reach 2000 as well!
toooooo much to translate!

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