Friday, October 2, 2009


Today, I had breakfast in the Waterfront as usual and went on a long long walk to the nearest village to get some cash and buy some stuff as well for my stay. The way took me one hour of walking to there or more a bit and one hour to get back or so... in total I think I spent 3 hours of continuous walking, so much that even now, 3 hours after my return to the Waterfront, I still feel my feet burning and aching. Trying to fight though not to sleep now or else, I'll be awake by night time with not much to do and so on.

On my way, although I didn't want to take much pictures and stared down most of the time, but still, I couldn't resist snapping some pictures. Anyway, they were not as much as yesterday though. One of the funniest thing that I've found on my way, is some sign that was planted on the earth, upside down!


Maybe this is how Gaelic is supposed to be? Who knows!

After checking the maps that I got from the hotel some days ago, I think I need to go back to the main city (Galway) to go around and get some gifts for the family... and myself as well if possible although I don't have much to buy for myself! Well, maybe a memorial for myself of this stay. Yet, I collected some pinecones from the ground the day before yesterday and intending to keep them for a memorial. Hope the airport check won't think it is a bomb or something!

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