Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfect Week...

It had been a hard week already, and for the coming few days as well. I didn't complete all my work time in Sunday and went on a short leave, and took the rest of the week as a leave to finish some issues with my car leasing. I just hate cars.
Saturday was not my day definitely. I had to go to work as early as 9 o'clock or before that even and work on moving some devices with my colleague. On that day and while I was so sick of the perfectionism trait, I received a phone call from my leasing company telling me that I must get the car back after 2 years of leasing. I can almost swear that I called back in November and the guy told me that I have to get it back on February and not now. And to make my day, the date to get the car back was January 2nd, and on Saturday it was already January 9th. Thus, some fine to be paid for the delay. All of that really screwed my mind. Cars aren't something I do enjoy really.
I was preparing myself for some days to be without a car but anyway, by phone calls here and there, they told me that I can lease the car for another year at least, which supposedly would spare me from the fine and being without a car. Today I went on doing the paper things and I had to walk out of the office of that guy for one hour waiting for the customers to leave and to get into my turn. He was kind of surprised to know that I was waiting for him and said "why didn't you tell me? I thought you were waiting for the other guys in other office!" and I was like "duh?". In the beginning, I discovered it isn't easy as it sounds. As I had to leave the car and be indeed without a car for one day or two. But then looking at the stuff in the car and that I must remove them, he was convinced by my idea to come tomorrow but under the condition that I come as early as possible like 8 o'clock. Hopefully by then, I will take the car directly and finish everything and get a new contract. My mood can't bear with another silly event.

In the mean time I'm trying to enjoy myself a bit with my camera, as I did place an order for a 580EX II Speedlite Flash to be sent to my US Mailbox, and then to here. I didn't want to add the other filters and stuff that were placed in my wishlist, as I just want to test how reliable is this service even though I might sound a bit silly. But the problems really come from this country authorities, and not much from the outside. In the mean time I'm still doing some work on some family photos and new photos that I've taken around my place, and some pics taken previously from Ireland. The later brings me back to my short sweet memories back there... too bad that I won't be able to do it this year.

The Castle Wall. Aughnanure Castle, Co. Galway, Ireland.

I've finally finished the brochure and it was one hellish nightmare to send over to my colleague by email. No single mailing server allowed me to send and most probably she had a problem with her email anyway. So, I had to upload the ZIP file into some uploading site and to let her download it later from home (since the site itself is blocked by our respectful ISP in my work place!).

Brochure - Outside

Brochure - Inside

Let's hope the guys in the press won't apply much stupidity effect to the print of this brochure for now. I got plenty of problems for now!

Energy Saving Bulb!
The above image was taken last Friday for unknown reason to my simple mind. It was so noisy (taken at ISO 800) and composed of 5 different shots. Maybe I was testing my aim or something? However, I cropped the noise that could not be filtered out with NeatImage at the edges and skewed the image a bit from the bottom to straighten the bulb out.

I'm planning to do some work on the translation in this vacational week, but with the tiresome time with my car here and there I feel so awkward and not ready... the office seems to be the only place to do all of that work. I will try to, maybe tomorrow...
In the mean time, I'm trying to find some meanings for my unconscious drawings, which I turned already into stock images. Some meaning lies there about my mind and my personality, but I just can't get a grasp on it...

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