Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alexander 3, V6. Last.

Spending some time still working on ONE exr file that exhausted my PC completely! I've been working on ths image for 2 or 3 days now. Unfortunately I had to reduce the size into 50% (and that is from ~20,000 pixels to something around 10,000 pixels. Width and Height).
You might think it is still big or something but I was really ambitious for that large file. One major problem now is to cover the hole in the middle with a grass-like pattern. I tried to do that in the HDR status but seems this is unfesable for the time being and I might have to tone-map it down. As for the time being I've been fixing the exposures in certain areas of the image since the castle field image was taken in a sunny day. By the way the "regular" image can be found still in my profile in Canstockphoto. My work with other photos (and scans of some pictures taken back in 1996 from Iran) is almost paralyzed until I finish this one particular photo.

121. Ishkán, Chirán and Keríhom
122. three generals with mighty swords
123. these will surround the Bulughmans
124. and be their defence in war time
125. and so on with the bless they went on
126. workers extracted the ores from the land
127. and a dam was made over the valley
128. and when Jawgá Majawgá felt it
129. they attacked worse than the beasts of the deserts
130. and the men of Alexander suffered severely
131. for the beasts did not spare their bodies
132. and the archers pointed to their eyes
133. for it was the only way to astray them
134. and the men of Galgalom assaulted heavily
135. deep into the valley of Malúnet, the damned
136. they perished but with victory and honour
137. and Galgalom lost limbs until he died
138. and then the dam was ended in a hurry
139. stretching from the two mountain tops
140. blocking the way and harder than rocks
141. all men then retreated behind the dam
142. and dug the graves for their friends and mates
143. and the black banners were raised high
144. for those who had no apparent grave

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