Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alexander 4, V2.

Waking up late is, a very bad idea. And it is a very bad day after all. I realy don't know if this is the beginning of my week or the middle of it or just a day not counted in my life.
After bringing back my sister's laptop yesterday from the damn workshop, we discovered that the Windows is not original AND it is an Arabic version, after telling the damn guy 3 times that I want an English one. Thus, I had to pick it back again today.
Waiting there as usual for 15 to 20 minutes just for the store to open up (in Kuwait people respect the time indeed... NOT). He argued that I have to pay another 35KD for the Windows and for his kindness he settled that down to installing an original Windows without paying. So generous. Out of the damn place I just had the heck out of the cars who seem to be driving like they've just been awakened at 10 O'clock, A.M. Because of this and that, I do feel just so down that I can't concentrate on anything. Beside waking up late and having to go out just go get me breakfast (and cat food). Cats are far more better than human beings. As for now, I'm wishing to close my eyes and wake up to see the weekend in front of me.
Amid the harsh flow of feelings and the confused mind, I couldn't resist my Notepad and started hitting some non-sense keystrokes all over the keyboad to finally give up with Singing Wind. It had been some long time since I've made a poem or wrote something. I hope this event is the initial spark for a continuous work on that side. I hate to leave the field just like that. I need to work again on my story "Blackened Image" as well, but how to collect my thoughts, this is another story.
And just when I thought my day (or whatever left of it) will pass easily, the devices in the lab did not work properly, and yet, the quantities of the samples are not enough already. Bravo. I survived the day at least!

25. three days passed and Alexander was waiting
26. he organized the bulughmans into an army
27. now they can defend themselves by themselves
28. after the passage of three days, Heavens got ready
29. and sent the signals to him by the skies
30. where every cloud pointed like an arrow above
31. here, Alexander shouted to his men with amazement
32. "O men of valour, North shall we be heading,
33. I knew it before and I am sure of it now. So here we go."
34. and the horsemen and foot soldiers gathered
35. behind their leader and started to march
36. to the North where they never been before
37. amid the rumble of the dissatisfied men
38. while some of them are tired of the journeys
39. and the weight of metals broke their backs
40. and on the way they encountered villagers
41. some joined them and some sought their help
42. while some abandoned their villages with fear
43. thus Alexander had more men for his army
44. but some of them were not trained or weak
45. but they were happy to seek for glory
46. with a just man like Alexander, the hero
47. and fifteen days passed between the valleys
48. until they arrived to a thick black forest

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