Monday, February 22, 2010

Alexander 6, V2.

Dried tuna that turns into a sauce... not a pleasant thing to imagine, really. In fact, I didn't imagine it. I saw it!
I keep trying on snapping my censer, yet the experiments are always going astray from the way I intend to take! This time, I fixed the black background as usual, but I did not do the box just yet. Also, I used the halogen light that I bought some days ago and did not work on it before. The light was so strong and the room's lights were like they were on (in fact you wouldn't notice any differences whether they are on or off). The halogen wasa daylight type, thus it produced a yellowish. And despite the many trials, 2 images must come almost the same in exposure value. More to my agony, the violet hue of the censer's body was not obvious at all and I was not able to retain the color easily (if not impossible) without "painting" the HDR image.

Censer (halogen, 2/3, manual)
Two-images, manual tone-mapped HDR.

Censer (halogen, 2/3, matix)
Two-images, Photomatix tone-mapped HDR.

As you can see in the previous examples, the violet hue of the censer (if you saw previous posts) is not visible at all because of the yellowish hue from the halogen light. Another trial I would say, and to avoid the similar-exposure shots, is to use the method of changing the shutter speed (time). I am mainly using the Av (aperture priority) and for this, the maximum time for the shutter speed for some shots (if not all shots) is 30 seconds, and hence, with the static aperture value (f-number), the exposure is calculated to the same value always. It would be useful to do this with a FEB, but thinking about it, you have a changing shutter speed and a change in the Flash value, so if we settled to down on the number of shutter speeds that we are to use, then we will have mainly (number of speeds x 3) images. I would settled for 3 speeds too; 1 sec, 1/100 sec, 1/200 sec, although I'm not sure there would be much difference between the latter two. This said, I would settle with 9 images, and probably, going to merge them all together as one set! That would be with the flash, but another trial is worthy with halogen light as well. I need to find a tripod for this light, or I'm going to burn something in the room!

25. while his supplies were going to finish
26. he decided to walk to the three sisters lake
27. the lake where he used to hunt and drink
28. away from Caqubdarius, his place
29. and on the way to there he passed by the hermits
30. some people who forgot life and its agonies
31. and he wondered could it be the Ayvars
32. he spent some time with them and they fed him
33. they gave him water and food like a guest
34. and after three days of hospitality they asked
35. about his story and his name and his destination
36. with some fear he answered hardly
37. and told them about his real identity
38. and to where he is heading
39. they stood with respect after hearing that
40. and amid the crowds came an old man
41. so old that his eyebrows fell on his eyes
42. and said with weak voice: welcome O Faithful
43. whose name is Alexander, Alexandarús, Vuqurnún
44. you are the bound between this world and the other
45. you are the promised in the book of Burhutiyyá
46. welcome amid your family
47. welcome amid your servants
48. and feel safe for no one shall hurt you

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