Monday, March 29, 2010

Alexander 6, V25.

Relatively a quiet day... something that happens on Mondays? Weird, isn't it?
But that does not mean without any worries. My car brakes worry me somehow for the sounds they produce and I shall have to pick to the leasing garage. I just hope they do it in one day as usual and not leave the car there... I have no one to pick me up then!

Nothing much today, out of the regular that is. I have lot of typing to do; my transliteration and some text for a friend.
Just a song that I liked so much for long time ago and still...

577. but Ázilis could not complete his words
578. and suddenly he closed the eyes and put down the hands
579. and his muscles got relaxed and stretched out
580. and no sound of breath could be heard from him again
581. then Alexander, the king, kissed the forehead of the old man
582. and let loose his tears upon the face of the old man
583. then Alexander went out of the tent and called Utéfah
584. but he did not notice who was at the back of the tent
585. then Utéfah arrived and Alexander told him about Ázilis
586. and the tribe made a huge funeral for their wise man
587. because of him, the tribe gained many respect and wisdom
588. and he turned the tribe from the harsh nomadic life
589. to the literate tribe that it is now
590. and everyone wished the blessings for his soul
591. and they memorized his old days and his smile
592. and before his burial they opened his Will
593. and there they found out his last words about his burial
594. where he wanted to be not buried in the ground
595. but his body shall be enclosed into a hard wooden chest
596. and thrown to the wide ocean of the north
597. that is to the sea of Ázúf
598. and all his books and writings shall go to Utéfah
599. thus the tribe worked on the last wish of Ázilis
600. and they marched with his tomb to the sea of Ázúf

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