Monday, July 19, 2010

Alexander 6, V104.

One regular day day that is today. Can you believe it? Monday? Regular? Well, I had some tiny problems with the connection but I think it doesn't count. I had problems as well yesterday at home. Seems the new Firefox update is causing the whole browser to stop functioning or something. I had to restart the browser to get it back to normal yesterday.

I did some experiments last Saturday trying to make a suitable image to try out PhotoAcute. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the images as I like because my idea involved also a close-up with my fisheye. I wanted to test that too. My idea was to try out a close-up with a fisheye (which is stated to be 20 cm minimum), and taking several images in the setting while changing the focus manually, then use PhotoAcute to stack the images and combine them for extended depth of field. However, the experiment was not so good for the lack of the light outside (open shade situation it was, and I need some light to get into my marble under the test!), and inside, the lights were simply not interesting. Also, the composition involved putting the camera on the ground without a tripod and that caused it to shake a bit. After many trials with PhotoAcute, I went on playing around with my RAWs solely and adding some effects to get up finally with this:

Some drama to serve the eye.

In my trials with PhotoAcute, I'm not really sure about the whole concept of Super-Resolution (SR for short). It is interesting and it does make out some sharp and obvious details out of the somehow-blurred backgrounds in images with soft focus in the distance, but I don't find that any interesting when it is viewed t 100%. Most buyers and photo-dealers must check the image at 100% for details. With my trials in SR, I find it adequate only to resize the image from its large size after the SR process, into the regular size I'm used to upload with; 2400x1600 pixels. That way, details pop-out more than a regular image of the same size and yet, when viewed in 100% it is quite good, well, relatively.

Been considering now to re-check my old files and see if there is any chance to convert some of them into black and white photos and even re-make them into a more interesting play. The process is delicate. Most of the time, I depended on colors in my photography thinking and I rarely made a B&W image, if any at all! Time to dig up the past!
2473. one elder then replied back to Alexander and said
2474. "we know O hero, we know everything about you,
2475. but this is a crown to make you remember us forever,
2476. and to make us remember you forever as well,
2477. a man who helps people, deserves to be their leader"
2478. another elder said: from this way O our king,
2479. Aramramátáníth, the Good, is waiting there
2480. thus, Alexander walked behind the old man
2481. between some trees and bushes so greenish
2482. until he stood upon a land of grass in the middle
2483. and he felt the air coming out from under his feet
2484. and slowly slowly he was raised up in the air
2485. while everyone was watching him going up in the air
2489. and everyone was waving for him before his leave
2490. and he waved back at them and a tear fell down
2491. for he missed his people in Caqobia on Daynur
2492. and the goodness of the farmers moved his heart
2493. and the thoughts raced in his mind again
2494. whether shall he see his people again or not
2495. and Aramramátáníth had spoken and said
2496. "the place of great men O Alexander, is not the ground"

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