Monday, August 16, 2010

Alexander 6, V124.

The stuation is sarcastic. 11:00 p.m. and suddenly you get a trip and the AC won't work in such humid weather, and yet you can't check the fuse on the roof because it's dark already and so damn humid. This is what you get after 4 nights of continuous nightmares.
Not much can be said for today except some work I've done on one image only, and I've tried hard to make some way to let the heavy dumbells hang freely (to the door) and snap it, but no use. I'm out of ideas now and I'm afraid to rely on so many threads or ropes for fear of sliding down and smashing the porcelain tiles. Beside working with the dumbell, I did spend some time with my printer and "glossy" papers that I got for a cheap price. I put the term glossy in quotations here because when I print using a glossy setting in the printing dialogue, the ink would be smudged easily on the surface. On the other hand, when I tried printing on these papers in Matte settings and even in normal print out settings, the print was perfect on these papers!

The image used for prints: The Forest Cove.

The prints were darker than what the image appears to be on screen, but after some time, the ink dries eventually and the image stands out a bit more, but still not as bright as the monitor itself. I was changing the settings of the color management and other rendering options in the print dialog box trying to make the print as bright as the monitor. Now, I think the only way is to compensate for this by brightening the image itself already before the print. My brother, an expert designer and deals with the press a lot, told me that the glossy papers tend to darken the colors eventually, and that's why I think changing the management or the rendering is not a solution. There were some variations of course between each print but they are merely visible to the untrained eye. Mainly they were tiny variations in saturation and contrast.
This said now, I'm trying to understand more the relation between the weight and the quality, but anyway seems there is no relation since the weight (which is usually designated by "gsm" for gram per square meter), does not significantly mean the coating is good. I've noticed though that HP gloss papers that I've used before for my panoramas were 280 gsm, while the papers I'm using now are of 165 gsm. With simple search, I've noticed that many types of HP glossy papers were in the range of 200-300 gsm, which makes sense that a good coating will add to the weight of the paper, although logically speaking there might be no direct relation between them. By coincidence, I've discovered that my printer, HP PhotoSmart C4783 Wireless All-in-One Printer, supports a maximum of 280 gsm, which was exactly the weight (or index) of the panorama glossy papers. More than that, the glossy paper might harm your printer instead!

HP PhotoSmart C4780 Wireless All-in-One Printer 

At work, although I have one book on PDF (and a really large one; 400+ pages), but still I don't feel like reading at all. I think I'm used to my daily coffee while reading or must drink something while reading it. Also I got words floating on my head to be written down but still I'm so scattered that I don't know what I'm doing with my life itself.
Posting for Alexander's story is almost finish now, and tomorrow is supposed to be the last verse. Afterwards, I think I will not post on a daily basis, merely whenever I have the material and time, or maybe simply for fun!
Since tomorrow is my birthday, I'm thinking of taking one day off just like that, or maybe what they call it a "duvet day". Nothing special to do though. Just sleep as much as I can despite the nightmares and the bad weather. I knew my birthday could not pass easily just like that...

Sunrise over Lough Corrib

2953. Alexander took the stones with some tears in the eyes
2954. he felt the passion of the father that he missed long ago
2955. then he said: it is verily hard for me to give up those stones,
2956. but I shall keep them with me until the day I am not here anymore,
2957. and if I was to live as a nomad, this is how my life had been now,
2958. no burdens in the heart and no worries for tomorrow
2959. then Alexander put the bluish stones in his small pouch
2960. Agdalán then let go of a deep sigh from his lungs
2961. he then moved to the chest again and took out a garment
2962. it was bright and shiny garment made of the finest threads
2963. as if it was woven by gold and the sun light and mixed with silver
2964. he gave the garment to Alexander and this he said to him
2965. "take of these old garments now and wear this one O son,
2966. you are better having a better look among the people,
2967. for you are a son of nobles, and you are my great son"
2968. Alexander then changed his garments and washed his hands
2969. and Agdalán then helped him wash his head and hair
2970. then Alexander felt strong back again and ready
2971. he felt that he can face the whole world alone by now
2972. then Agdalán said to him: go down, dear, for now,
2973. and get back to the farmers and Juvvál, my assistant,
2974. let him teach you how to plant the lands and live,
2975. and now it is the time for me to give up my life I guess
2976. Alexander did not get surprised by all of this anyhow

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