Monday, August 23, 2010


Not much is going on here. A slow beginning for my 3rd decade! Most importantly now is that I got my watch back after being in repair for 2 weeks!!!

I'm idle most of the time here and now I wish if I can just spend this time at home playing a game or doing something or thinking of some photography to do. The situation here is simply null. I can't even force myself on reading this eBook on PDF. Maybe because it is not a hard copy it seems I can't tolerate reading it for long time. All I do is surf the net and listen to music most of the time, and to fill my time, I go out checking on stuff I need here and there. I had plans to work on my website and to do many things, but alas, with me fasting I can't tolerate doing anything. Not because I'm tired or hungry or even thirsty, but merely because when I work, I need something to put my stress on; pepsi, chips, anything!

Well, my birthday was on August 17th, Tuesday, but the family brought a cake for the gathering with my name on it (along with my sister's and my nephew). I can't call it a real birthday party, but it was merely for the kids to have fun. No candles or anything. I ended up taking photos for others and no one taking photos of me!
Well, I had fun catching my niece anyway in several positions!

Not angry, but trying karaoke.

It was awesome though. I was trying 2 lenses, changing from one to another. The image above was taken with 55-200mm f/5.6 Canon @~200mm. I had to keep both lens in my pockets and sitting in one place one time and changing then. All of that done in a haste and without my Canon Speedlite 580EX II flash. I find it that after all, the RAW format will do its job, of course unless you ask for more speed control with higher shutter speeds, then yes I might have considered using the mounted flash to give me more possibilities and more still images. My shutter speed ranged from 80 to 160, and in fact still I had some shaky images. Some images were sort of weird but got a nice effect with my subject (my niece) being stable, but her hands are shaky!


After all, I used the built-in flash, which is usually not unique, but it did the job here with some increment in the ISO (almost all shots were in ISO800 level). NeatImage is cool enough to remove those spots, specially when you have an EXIF embedded.

On the other hand I've been working on printing out some images on some new glossy papers I've got last week, and unfortunately the new ink is out of blue now, which is a disaster! It is a very consuming process. But I figured out some aspects now, specially when working on a non-HP glossy paper; it is always better to saturate and and brighten the colors little bit before printing, to make sure you get the vivid colors. ProPhoto color space is, I believe, I used to get such beautiful vivid colors in one image, but with my printing capabilities it becomes dull. After all, sharpening of course, despite the fact that it might look hideous on screen, but with printing the story is different and depending on the paper type, sometimes an excessive sharpening becomes a must, to bring the photo almost alive!
I've made some prints (A4 size) and kept them in a file along with previously printed panoramas, and I've spent a good deal of ink on experimenting with those and printing the same image over and over again and comparing. I think the best deal we can reach here is by manually fixing the saturation and brightness and then do a print out to stay on the same side without changing the options in the print dialog box after all.

I don't know when I'm going to post next, but I'll put anything new with my images here, if any! I leave you now with something that always moves the blood in me...

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