Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dublin, 2010.

Here we are, in Dublin again after one year, and after a tiresome trip to Istanbul then to here. I reside now in Travelodge hotel in Ballymun, Dublin, the same place I stayed in for one day before my leave last year.
I'm so tired, and discovered there is no shampoo in the room here, but since I stink, I had to take a shower just as it is and put some mousse to pull my fussy hair back. I think I've taken a lot of clothes this year; unnecessary. The weather in Dublin is nice though, not so cold and not HOT or HUMID! The problem though with this hotel so far is the noise outside. The window is not much of a muffler.

I'm not so much interested in the city life and I can hardly find something (providing that I do have the mood to go outside!) to take a picture of, thus I don't think I will be working on my camera. Or maybe I shall try the bulb mode this time. It is noteworthy to mention that the Bulb mode in Canon EOS 7D is fixed in a separate mode on the dial and not like my old 350D, when it was merged originally within the Manual mode.

By tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be leaving to Cahir; a town in Co. Tipperary, not far away from Cashel, my final destination. In Cahir, hopefully there are more things to capture with the camera. There is a long way waiting for me on the railway heading to Cahir. Maybe I should leave by the early morning to have enough time for the rest of the day (and also to look for an hotel to stay for one night there).

I didn't change the time on my laptop, but only on my mobile (which doesn't have an Irish sim card yet) and my watch. I hate to change all the clocks. So far so good, and tomorrow will be a new day...

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