Saturday, October 9, 2010

Roaming Aimlessly...

My bag is out of plans. Yesterday I didn't type much here because it was a day mostly out of activity, well, except of sitting in the lounge and capturing some of the glassware there. I can't wait to get back home to work with the photos and this laptop is giving me a real headache.

Some glass work taken yesterday.

Today, I took a walk to the east of my place (I think, if my sense of directions is right) and I kept walking and crossed a bridge. All the time I was aiming at birds and kept my camera ready on Tv mode with ISO set to "H" (highest) and a shutter speed of 1000-2000. It is a risk taking indeed. I really don't know if my software packs would be able to clean such images, but for such images of flying birds this is almost a must. I also took some HDR trials on the way with such settings, and found out that the high ISO combined with Tv mode makes a different in the light level for the images taken if I did auto-backeting. This gives a chance for some good HDR images maybe providing that I can clean the noise in a proper manner.

Some of the birds I caught today was doubtlessly, the crow or raven. Although there is one shot that I doubt it would be for a crow and it could be for the wagtail or the magpie, but I'm not sure.

The Suspect!

Pied Wagtail

Crow (or Raven)

Judging from the shape of the head and the beak of our "suspect", I think the bird in question here is actually a raven with white streaks. Beside the big birds there were little ones, flying in a flock and collecting stuff from the ground, but I think it was hard to distinguish them even after I loaded the images. The image is extremely noisy however...

I don't know what they call it yet!

There on the bridge, my eyes fell upon a beautiful corn field, which I presume it belongs to some family and not a factory of a company. So, I snapped that with my fisheye, to take as much of the horizon as possible.
The Corn Field.

Definitely the shoot was for HDR (3 bracketed EVs), but I'm not sure it will be quite the interesting view here, until I try my Photomatix on it. The question now is about whether to fix, or not fix, the distortion of the fisheye lens. Sometimes it adds a catch on the image and sometimes you'd like simply a straight image. In the image above, I was trying hopelessly to get down as much as possible to make the horizon interesting, but I was not able to do that since I was on a bridge, and for my own convenience let's say, I didn't want to go down to that farmland!
And beside the birds and the fields, I met some other type of friends...

Now, it was not the only one there, there were many. In fact, this one was a pony rather than an adult horse. Walking alone that straight road with that hard wind blowing off my mind as well as my jacket, There were some flowers left like memories of the past summer; I snapped some of those. But the view that I liked the most was of a maple laying on the grass and it has some strange hue indeed.

Winter's Maple

I'm pretty sure this image with a ProPhoto space would amazing, and also it was taken for an HDR composition, so hopefully there is so much possibilities awaiting to be played with. It sounds to me though that I'm taking images without feeling them for real. Like I do compose my images depending on my own feelings about them. Even the maple picture, was taken for the sole purpose of color composition and the attractive reddish hue in the leaf.
I don't know what are my plans for tomorrow, but it's going to be Sunday. I'm not sure if the cabs will be having the time to pick me up anywhere (there was no problem last Sunday). Anyway, in my mind now I have two locations: Cahir (yes, again), and Kilkenny. As for Cahir, I realized there is a great potential for a panorama inside the castle and unfortunately, I didn't do anything the last time I got into the castle. While for Kilkenny, I don't know how far it is from my place but I hope it is a town like Cashel and not a city of some sort. In fact, I don't know anything about Kilkenny and the historical places in it. All I remember about it is, it is mentioned in the famous Irish folk song "Carrickfergus":
And now in Kilkenny,
it is reported,
They've got marble stones there,
as black as ink.
With gold and silver,
I'd support her,
But I'll sing no more now,
till I get a drink.

I'm drunk today,
but then I'm sober,
A handsome rover,
from town to town.
Oh! but I'm sick now,
my days are over,
come O ye young lads,
and lay me down.
I might have to dig around a bit more about Kilkenny. If not much is there, I might give up for Cahir again. I think I've done shopping for gifts now, all I have to do is sort them out. But now, it is time to concentrate on much needed scenery. The fact that Cashel is a little town and my place is in fact part of the town, that thing do not give me much options about taking pictures of the landscape around me. Yet, with hope, I'll be out hunting for more, if only the winds calm down now. New ideas pop in my head as I type these words...

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