Sunday, November 7, 2010

Failaka, Back and Forth.

First day of work, with no mood for anything really. I feel numb and sluggish, just like how it was in summer days. Yet, lot of work is waiting to be done, that is work-related work. Real work if you'd like to call it? Anyway, the job involves visiting some places and taking readings from various places.

Images wise, I've been somehow idle with pictures from Ireland but on the other hand I've been trying to process some images taken recently from Failaka, but unfortunately because of memory limitations and my laziness to restart the PC, I didn't do much about it, but at least I stitched one panorama that I specifically went, last Friday, to Failaka for. It is that spooky place that was filled with bullets.

The place of the panorama. A Bank?

The day was not really quiet one as it was a weekend and some foreigners were there as well as locals, and all in all it was annoying, specially those teenagers who were on bikes or teen girls with their families. Upon arrival to the island I directly drove to that place which until that moment and since I started visiting the island back in 2008 - didn't know what it was at all. When I parked there it was few seconds and another car parked beside me and 2 ladies with a man got inside with cameras taking pictures as I was setting my monopod with the VR-head and the camera, another man then got in, a local, greeted me and tried to start a conversation but I didn't really give a chance to. He was asking me about this place and what it was, and I simply replied "I really don't know" and went on setting my things up. Later on, and after the man and the group of 2 ladies and man left, a family came in; a mother and her teenage daughters (and maybe not all of them are her daughters). They started crossing over as I was trying to take photos in the process already.
The problem was that, in fact I finishd the panorama already just after the 2 ladies and the man left the place, but I discovered all the camera settings were wrong and I had to start all over when then the family came in and started moving around the place. Once they went upstairs, I started working as fast as I can and hoping the camera won't shake much with this simple monopod. As I was finishing, the mother came to me to ask about my work with the camera and gave me her email to send her some photos! Which I did upon my arrival back home then.
I had the chance to go inside and upstairs looking for some nice views or something. The surprise was when I got into one of the rooms and saw a great safe-like door, and then I realized that this building probably served as a bank! Which bank? I don't know. Just a bank. I took pictures of that door but until now I didn't process anything. Will do later on for sure. Nothing was out of the ordinary there and I drove all along the island here and there trying to look for someting interesting to catch, but not much was to be done in fact. The weather was good, but in my opinion, a good weather is not good weather; in other words, a good weather is not a good one for taking photos. Notice the image above, which was taken in April 2010, and notice the clouds. It was taken at the end of winter back then and the weather was sort of good to the senses but with some unexpected rains sometimes, yet the view was dramatic.

My brain started to organize some words and I've put it down in some poem (if so to be called). I think the heart is on the move and got me some sparks on my fingers. This time however, I didn't write it down, but typed it directly into my computer. I called "Wherever, Whenever." I was reluctant about the name and I was going to name it "May there be," I think I do have already some piece of likely close title. I hope the gas in this brain won't be over and I would need some time to fill it again, to be able to write. I think I'm still in the greasing mode, when I would look for my life pace as before.
Isn't it hard, when you just can't help it but to love, yet can't help but to keep silent about it?