Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Hate Those...

Not so brilliant week. Was fluctuating between being idle and tired and being busy and... tired. I didn't use my camera much this week, so not much to be posting about really, nor did I work with my Ayvarith project for some long time now (even before I go to Hajj). Just one experience with photography lately, in which I've used my flash, again.


I like to think of it as the electrical chair effect. In this shot I was dangling the flash unit above the lazyboy, and I had to suffer from some awkward moments when the lateral extension would slide down each time I raise it up high.

Settings of the shot

I know. The room is a mess. Always been a mess. Anyway, in order to keep the flash this high, I had to hang some weights (dumbbell weight disks) on the lever. Maybe you can see some black circles in the image.
In the beginning I was trying to take this shot with my 18-55mm lens, but then I changed it to the 15mm fisheye lens to include more space (took the shot again with me sitting on the lazyboy and my foot didn't show with 18-55mm lens).

I'm thinking now of doing experiments with all my lenses to find the "sweet spot" as they call it sometimes, which is supposed to be the f-number at which the image is the sharpest (and this has nothing to do with the depth of field). It will be a long process somehow and eye-tiring one, but hopefully I will get some useful results from all of this. In the mean time, I do really need to work more with my camera. My mood swings are, sort of, getting out of control.

My car is not fixed yet. The parts, as the vendor people say, will come in two weeks. The expenses for this are higher than I expected. I hate cars. I hate cars more than I hate hell itself. The discount they offered is like 20%, so I'm flattered for such a generous offer. And please note the sarcasm...

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