Thursday, June 14, 2012


General scheme of the week is "administrative." Not much have been done so far with my camera, only few experiments on some old images.
Beside that work, there is of course the work with my Ayvarith and the vocalization of Alexander's story. The new pack stretches from 1008 up to 1728, with a rate of 6 verses (24 lines each) per day. Unfortunately, as I'm writing this post, something went wrong with my Sites Google account and I can't upload any files to it anymore. In hope this issue would be resolved, I would be posting the sound files again.

One of the things that I've been working on this week is completing the registration of my own logo. After paying some fees back in April to "post" the logo in the department of Trade Marks and Patents, it was written on the invoice that I have to check back with the department after 60 days, which was due few days ago. One thing I didn't realize, and that is 30 minutes of our time, we earthlings, accounts for around two hours in that department's time.
However, after paying the rest of the fees (17 KD), and also correcting some spelling mistake, I've been told to check back after 4 months to get the official registration form. Voila! What a speedy work. Anyway, I'm supposed to watch for the official newspaper to check my logo there for 3 months. A period when other people get the chance to see the logo and know its copyrighted, beside people who might argue that the logo violates some rights.

I had a short meeting with my teacher, Mr Bahaa Al-Qazwini, to ask him more about the business trend and about many other topics. Most importantly, I received a much-needed dose of encouragement and optimism; something I rarely find nowadays. He also guided me through with my "job request" paper, which is supposedly to be a paper given to the customer before proceeding with the job (a sort of an agreement). I'm doing the edition still, in hope that I will show him the new version again soon for more check-ups. One precious advice on the line was: chase after the customer.

Historical Boats
Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 @f/22
I've been working little bit on some of the images from the Scientific Center taken last month, and I can't say I've done much about them, but I was experimenting on converting this image into a 3D anaglyph. However, this was hard to achieve but I've discovered some new methods to make out for a 3D image out of a single image (instead of the typical 2 shots for right and left). The method was sort of complicated and might not be feasible to any type of images, but it was nice to learn about it. It's called the "depth map" method, and depends mainly on the Displace command in Photoshop.
Checking on the complexity of the image above, I've realized that it might not be a good idea to waste my time on this for now, but I better move on to do something else.

Despite the fact that I have some plans ahead that I need to chase after and apply in my life, yet, I do feel so tired. And despite my general hate for portrait photography, I suddenly get the urge to grasp on some aspects of this field, and hopefully I will be on the way to that with a workshop concentrating on Canon flash units with my teacher in the coming days soon, hopefully. A holiday next Sunday is coming up, and I'm hesitated whether to sleep as much as I can, or try to do something out with my camera. My life seems to lack the fun...

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