Monday, October 22, 2012

Bye Staten...

Well, here we go. Two days till the long flight comes in. Today, I will be heading out of the Victorian B&B to the Days Inn in Jamaica, near by the airport, and stay there for 2 days till the 24th.
Last Saturday, the 20th, I headed with my friend to Manhattan after a small birthday party for her grandfather in the nursery home. Man... how do people live there? The atmosphere, the busy streets, the traffic and the dark places; I'm just amazed how people think of spending a vacation in such a place?!

Had been working a bit on some photos and panoramas, and there is a load of problem that I have to take care of when I get back home, like the HDR blending of some panoramas because I've been trying to work in Manual mode and get the most out of the details in the highlights and shadows and in many occasions I do end up with very dark slides.

The Victorian Bed and Breakfast

It's hard to do everything here in this laptop because I do need lot of plugins and somehow a suitable working place instead of working on bed!
Well, I have to say bye bye to this awesome place now, and bye bye to my friends. I'm dying to see mom again. I do wish if I can fly tomorrow at least but well, the plans took place already and I will be off by the 24th.

I would like to say thank you all who helped me during my stay. You're all awesome. 

Thank you

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