Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Wait For Jonathan's...

Here we go, another week just passes. Not doing much photography, not much thinking of Geltani or other projects. However, I got the chance to update some aspects about my website and uploading new photos that are ready to be printed. I'm thinking seriously of expanding my services out of this country as well; since people here are not to be relied upon when it comes to arts. I'm expanding such ads to instagram as well as twitter.

Glimpse of my website, with the 4 new images added.

It seems like life is so slow when I'm on vacation without traveling. The orders that I've placed online last week are still not complete; not all of them reached my US box at the time of writing this. My car, still not available at the time of writing this post (and I'm supposed to pick it up today and see if it works well). My only leisure in such times was to play some games. Despite the nice weather relatively, yet I didn't stroll outside in the neighborhood much with my camera - but hopefully will do more of this in the near future (as the temperatures are dropping down to 20soC at noon time!). Beside gaming, I've doing lot of surfing and research for future photography-related equipments. My mind was struck with some crazy idea of getting one of those rangefinder lenses (expensive!!) and getting a mount to use them with my Canon EOS 7D. This plan, however, is for the far future, as well for the near future, I'm planning on having some wide lens in the range of 10-12mm - but this won't be a fisheye, but a distortion free (virtually) lens. I think such lens would help me with my future panoramas if I got it to work with my Manfrotto 303SPH VR-Head.
In the meantime, I've spent some time with my camera to do some calibration work and preparing profiles for noise reduction in NIK and NoiseNinja plugins. Ive used the MacBeth chart in the beginning (which came with my new ColorMunki device) but then I've decided to use the patch that was provided by NoiseNinja because it contains more colors. I was going to do it all manually by choosing every patch of those to be analyzed but then I've succumbed to the automatic process in both plugins. I'm not sure they would completely help with noise removal without affecting he details of the image much, but at least they can be a starting point. The temperature at which the images of the chart of patches is shot is also critical for the level of the noise in the image at any ISO. This chart, however, is taken at low temperature (room's temperature); in the range of 20o-25oC. I might do another one for some high temperature, who knows!

Calibration Chart by NoiseNinja - printed and photographed for profiling.

I've decided to provide a link for downloading these profiles (in ZIP files) just in case it would be useful for readers. The profiles do not cover the whole range of ISOs, but only full stops (100, 200, 400,... 12800 or H) and theoretically are useful only for Canon EOS 7D users.

Hope they become useful for other shooters!

Halloween at Jonathan's
As I said before, I've been spending my time playing lot of games currently in this corrupted vacation. This is the only joy for me in such vacation. Lately, I've got the news about a new spooky game from the author of TLC, The Lost Crown game, Jonathan Boakes. It is, supposedly, a mini-game under a Halloween theme. If there is a wish to visit the southern region of the British Isles that still persists in me (along with my desire to visit Ireland, again and again), it would be all attributed to Jonathan's games and his depiction of the seaside on the Cornish side of the world. The Lost Crown game sucked me into the magic of the seaside and the sea life in those simple villages that made me almost living there. I'm waiting for The Last Crown which is a sequel for the Lost Crown. I leave you here with the ad for the Halloween mini-game:

Click to Enlarge

Jonathan made a blog post as well about this game with little description. You can read it here. Jonathan Boakes is also the author of other games under the same category of the Supernatural and mystique genre, like Dark Fall I, II, III sequel and The Lost Crown, and he collaborated in other games as well under the same genre. You can't skip his games if you like the mysterious and magical, the simple and occult. They just blend in naturally...

For the time being now, I'll be surfing through some of the old images until I get some inspiration and power to create new photos and with my project. Seems like getting back to work and routine would be beneficial in my case after all!!

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