Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back to Abstract...

Sluggish and slow; this is how my life is going right now amid such heat and fast. Despite the fact that I do fast before Ramadhan itself, but Ramadhan timing and schedules always keep me far away from catching up with activities, as I try as hard as possible to keep my timings constant as in regular days.
I've also discovered that I do an appointment with the eye doctor in July 13th. Naturally, I have to give up this appointment and plan for another date. I've been told to go and change it as of nowadays, but even that is hard to do; with my duties to care for Mom's dialysis trips and arranging and taking care of my own business with my own projects (which are really important for me now more than work itself), I find it hard to just go there - needless to talk about the "crappy" conditions in that place and the shifting in working hours during Ramadhan. I go to work in early morning as in regular days, which makes everything slow for my own pace with life; everything else would start hours after the regular working hours.

Back to Work

Because of the idle time with my camera lately, I've been working mostly on old pictures and experimenting with tone-splitting as can be seen in previous posts. However, I decided to take my camera to work for some days just in hope to capture something (beside the trash that decorates the entrance).
Nothing much to be expected from my work place except for abstracts. I believe the fact that I've been sick of this place lately makes my eyes really not responsive to the environment in that place, but I had to try anyway.

Rokinon 8mm fisheye, f/8, 500-1sec, ISO200.

One of the places most visited around my workplace is one corner which I've shot many times, and even tried to do a vertical panorama in that place. This time now, I've tried to shoot at this corner with my Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens at f/8. The distance to the wall from where I was standing was less than a meter, if not half a meter (~3ft, ~1.5ft respectively). Even though the shot was in portrait orientation, there is one option in Canon EOS 7D which enables the user to turn on and off the automatic rotation of images, and this option is turned off because it can cause me some problems when doing panoramas, specifically for the zenith and nadir shots. Thus, when I sorted out the images later on, it seemed to be that Raumzeit is better to be in landscape orientation instead. The term Raumzeit translates as "space-time" and it is a term used in physics in relation to the principle of Relativity. Without going deep into this matter anyway, the curves lines looked like a curve in space-time. coordinates as they usually picture it in scientific books. Probably the shot could have been better if only I could elevate myself to the mid point and thus making the left and right proportions almost equal in fading to the sides.

Ad Solem
Rokinon 8mm fisheye, f/8, 40-1sec, ISO200.

Walking away a bit and not changing the lens, I've noticed the trees on the front of the building - they have been always there but never noticed them in details like that before. The branches were twirling slightly and almost made an impression of a palm and fingers facing upward. With the sun lurking in between the branches, I thought that the best thing to do to emphasize the curves of the branches is to shot them with a fisheye lens like Rokinon's. To give an idea of how thick the branches were, just notice the reduction in the shutter speed (I was working in Av mode) between Raumzeit and Ad Solem. Stabilizing my hand and body wasn't a big a problem after all even with such a slow shutter speed.
Because of the close distance here, the base of the branches were actually out of focus (and it was hard to notice in the viewfinder anyway), thus, and beside the fact that the image needs some cropping, I chopped off the base and tried to center the sun in one of the power points of the Rule of Thirds. This image incited me to study the relation between the rule of thirds and the golden spiral rule. It needs some mathematical engine boost though.

Scanography II

Been some time now since my last experiment with my scanner. I have to admit that I felt a bit down knowing that the depth of field is quite shallow for my scanner; something a bit essential. When talking about a shallow depth of field, it is in fact something normal in scanners in general, but there is a new generation of scanners that uses LED and that calls for a thinner glass layer (to help on more compact design) and it is in such scanners that the depth of field is even shallower and not tolerable to a single millimeter. I assume the perfect depth of field for scanning (in arts) is something around 2mm - this helps on giving a 3D impression for the settings made upon the flatbed of the scanner.


However, it occurred to me to try something with the glycerine potion I've got recently and didn't have much time to try it out. I was just trying to see how would a liquid look on the flatbed surface when scanner. Since glycerine has a stronger surface tension than water, it would retain a better spherical shape than water droplets. But first, I had to cover the surface with a transparent sheet for protection (kitchen wrapping sheet here) for protection, and remove the scanner door to avoid it being slammed down on the droplets. Also, I couldn't cover the scanner with a black cloth to block the light, thus I've just realized an easy solution that struck me as how I didn't think of it before! Simply, work with lights switched off!
Initially, I wanted to draw a Smiley with the droplets but the surface tension was so strong that a line of droplets could not be sustained. Anyway, it was a just a trial and I scanned that way. The end up result, Blasen, made an interesting abstract look, not from the droplets, but from the wrapping sheet itself. However, the droplets provided some interesting reflection as well and specially those tiny bubbles beside the large ones - I'm not sure of this is also possible too with water droplets. Another try is needed!


This is my humble trial this week to do something out of my mind. The conditions around me sound to counteract my efforts to be active. Yet, I'm on the go to try and try as much as possible despite my tired body. My schedule seems clogged with things to do - and at the end I end up doing a little of everything.
Looking forward to Ireland, to release some stress and have some fresh air into these nostrils and a slower pace of life. That, however, doesn't change the fact, that all will be done alone...

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