Thursday, July 24, 2014

Extrema II

Not much is happening this week I guess. Except for some, maybe, panic attacks and fatigue? Well, temperatures are noticeably down these days, but still in the 40osC range. Probably this is happening because of the low traffic congestion during Ramadhan in general. I'm waiting for the month to be over with by next week to gain back my normal pace, and sleep (which then was screwed already!).
I've passed this week trying to find out  a good subject for my new macro "thrill" but didn't find much to do actually except of two substances which aren't much of "wonderful" nature, so to say. I can't deny the fact that I'm still greedy for more in terms of magnification. It would be a wonderful thing to work out with my old microscope (which has x100 magnification capability) and take pictures directly from there. For this reason, I do plan to look for some glass plates which are used to settle the samples for the microscope examination. I believe I can project the image on some white screen of some sort and take a picture then - this is beside the capability of rigging the camera with the microscope with some adapters but this is a costly solution for now I believe and not worthy the time consumption. Better start easy first. Now with the two simple subjects...

White cardboard.

The first attempt was by using a white cardboard or something of this sort. I usually use these as reflectors when I use my flashes. The subject is translucent and not completely opaque as it appears to the naked eye. I was afraid though that the heat from the 80W floodlight on its back with such a short distance would burn it, but things went well after all. The image was taken at ISO800 and for a second or two using Bulb mode. Nothing much to be done with the image anyway, since it is random and no value for colors even, but only a slight noise reduction. Yet, the challenge was not in at this particular moment.

Carbon Pill

The real challenge was to take a shot of this carbon pill (used to resolve some digestive problems). The pill here is opaque and no hope in lighting it through, which means dropping the light from the front. After tiresome trial and error process, I positioned the floodlight on the top with around 45 degrees angle which shined a bit. The problem is I don't have any carrier, so I had to hold the light with my own hands and also fixing the focus (by adjusting the macro rail that carries the sample). Thus, using both hands to do three tasks (lighting, focusing, shooting) was a complete mess. his triggers me to think of some way to carry this light when needed, and also to think of some way to hold the sample in front of the camera since I'm working horizontally now and not hanging the camera vertically like before (as a microscope).

This is all what I could come up with in this week, but there is a lot of work in B&W and Tone splitting on the side. Tone splitting specifically is opening a gate for me for studying colors and their relations with each other, and indeed, I do have an idea in my mind right now but I need to think it thorough to see how to apply and compare the results. The colors websites are opening a new venture and making things a bit easier. My main idea is of the relation between highlights and shadows, and the corresponding colors which are assigned to them in the process of tone splitting. Anyway, this might be in details for another post later.

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