Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Weather Game...

Nice day here, if not for the pranks the weather was playing on me! Well, no going out for today, but we agreed that tomorrow, Sunday, I will go on a motor boat to Inchagoil, just like 5 years ago. Time is running out and I feel I didn't have enough walk around the Waterfront, and I'm thinking of one or two panoramas around the place still.
However, today I decided to head out and do some shots, specifically infrared shots. Luckily, I've found out that I do have a small IR gel filter cut already and it, with some twisting and twitching, did fit at the back of the Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens. Thus, I went on to have my chance a bit. I did many shots but I'm happy with the few IR shots.

The "hideout" in IR.
Rock on the banks of Corrib
The exposures, despite the relatively sunny weather in the beginning, did range between 20 to 30 minutes almost. The thing is, it was a nice weather and sun was shining (and almost barely could see a thing in its direction), but when I started to do one long exposure, the rain suddenly started to hammer! As the exposure almost ended the rain became quiet (but there) and then stopped. I picked my stuff and went inside and had something for lunch and uploaded the pictures. The weather, again, looked fine, so I went out again and did some macro shots this time, but again, it did rain and I had to run inside quickly! Seems to me that the Irish weather is in mood for lottery today!
There was some shots done with 2 teleconverters and my Sigma 70-300mm but they weren't much successful, making me wishing for my mirror lens of 800mm. It would be handsomely useful in these situations! Anyway, the nature around the place seems very encouraging for macro and abstract shots, which is something I need to do soon. I was going to keep Monday for arranging my tools in the suit case but seems I will still keep it for some work to be done in the garden and around the Waterfront. There is one particular spot on the right of the Waterfront which I really want to re-discover. However, I have to get prepared to get extra wet because this piece of land is shallow and wet most of the time (and muddy too). I guess I will have to deal with tiny bit of stress in the coming few days! But it's all in a good way...

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