Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Sad Week…

It is a sad week here after the terrorist attack targeting a mosque on Friday (holiest day for Muslims), and in the holy month of Ramadhan, while people were praying already. I believe there won't be a further clue beyond this event to prove that these creatures have no religion at all, whatever they call themselves.
To think about the events that took place in such period of time, and to see people stand up against terrorism as one hand despite all the different backgrounds, all that gives me pride in what I am.
My activity has been minimum this week. All I could do so far is a simple design and a poem, in hope that I do contribute something to the main stream. I called the poem: The Blooming Iron Fist.

We are the Rose,
and from ashes we rose.
The sparkling hue,
that faces life's blows.
We are the daring heart,
the valour, forever it flows.

My darling,
in peace she falls asleep.
And by the sun above us,
the hearts she set a sweep.
While in a darkling night,
never, my darling was to weep.

We are the Rose,
by the darling we rose.
The sparkling hue,
no poet could ever compose.
We are what we are,
the bloom, by iron fist,
it grows.

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