Thursday, November 19, 2015


Not much to be said right now, as the long awaited expo started this Wednesday and it will last for 10 days. My schedule would be busy in the afternoons as I will be heading to the expo everyday, as much as I can, even though the health have been shaky a bit lately.
For this expo (which accompanies the annual book fair) I've made 3D prints (i.e. images) in a gamble with how people would perceive this. So far so good, despite the problem with the lighting and the sunlight coming in daytime. Such images have somewhat greater sensitivity to the light level falling upon them which might alter or change the red and cyan level, which in return initiates a "ghosting" effect, where the eyes cannot merge the two images into one (using the glasses of course). I have also to keep track of the 3D glasses and keep them on check.

The guys in front of my 3D image print, which is a panorama from,
Sultan Qabus Grand Mosque. It comes as a surprise that my two 3D images
are from Oman, and displayed in this time which coincides with Oman's
national day!
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The Minister's visit to our booth in the opening ceremony.

Despite this pressure, I did minor processing for some shots from Malta, and probably will display them in a later time. For now, my mind is running around for new ideas, to photograph and also to print. I'm thinking as well of doing more experiments in the field of 3D anaglyphs. I'm just hoping no more mishaps to come down my way as it is the situation with this passing week, as well as better health to be coming down my way… I hope.

Triq tas Sema (BW/3D)
Road of Heaven
طريق السماء

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