Thursday, September 8, 2016

Quick Snap…

Been a while now since I posted here. I was actually busy with my other Arabic blog with two successive posts about filters and some of their various types and properties; all for beginners. With my time limitations and stress, and the lack of subjects or work with my camera, I couldn't have much to post here. This is just a quick wrap, hoping that I will get back to work with my camera soon.

One of the major reasons for this time stress is the work with my group as we are preparing for a great event outside of Kuwait, which will be announced soon during September hopefully.

They have been hectic two months but August was the worst, for being the month just before the event. We had some delays in the printing jobs and some awkward moments, but all is to be resolved by now hopefully.
After this event I'm willing to get my own rest and peace of mind. The economical situation in this country is getting below the ebb level and yet, despite being single, I just can't leave everything behind me with responsibilities hung over my shoulders. All I can do is pray for a better future, for those I care about. I need to work more on my photography as well as my other projects, like Geltani, which gathered mountains of dust by now. No traveling for me this year, but man I just need it so. I miss the Irish countryside and the cold breezes…

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