Monday, March 23, 2009


This morning, I was going on writing and writing and writing... when suddenly something pulled me back and couldn't find appropriate words. I guess my brain is just exhausted right now?

I'm busy with creating some webpage for my brother, thus it is hard for me a little to write the story at home. Otherwise, if I'm not working on it, I would be playing around with some game! For the time being I'll spend my time reading some tutorials that might help me in doing my work for my brother.

I've started to get thrilled by the length and the effort needed to translate and do other stuff to this part of the story! I didn't estimate it that way! I've reached 240 lines til now and still the story goes on. My thoughts lead me (without previous planning) to make Alexander meet the killer of his father, a demon.

Note: drinking a HOT pepsi, is not a good idea, AT ALL.

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