Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writing Stopped

Couldn't keep on writing with continuous work, at home and at work!
At work, I'm trying hardly to understand some of the basics and trying to push my way through some aspects of my work. I made a print out of some data sets (some were without the aknowledgement of my experienced co-worker). It is nothing serious really, but I need to do it quietly.
With that, at home I'm busy trying to find more and more information through the net about the excavations in Failaka, past and modern. The net in this aspect is not a good source of information and yet I can get my hands on any journals or articles. The library in Kuwait University isn't a good source for obtaining journals. I tried to get something from them and all what they do is divert me to someone else or ask me to call them and speak to the main head of that departmentl... and they don't have registered accounts in Springerlink or JSTOR archives like some other institutes here. Anyway, I guess I have to depend solely on the internet and whatever comes in my way.
Thus, writing the story shall be postponed for now until I can gather some of my mediocre imagination back!

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