Saturday, February 28, 2009

6th Part Just Began

Sitting here inthe airport waiting for my sister to arrive, I've decided to take the laptop with me and do some writing and searching while waiting. Thus, I've decided to start my work on the 6th part of the story of Alexander. Maybe I didn't do much about it but I think the start was good, just to begin with 48 lines. As I said before that this last piece is supposedly not confined to the usual limit of 144 lines.
While doing so, I'm doing some search on the net trying to find more information about the Danish expedition to Failaka back in 1958. I need some information about the techniques used by them back at that time, but yet no luck. The expedition is mentioned in many places but not in detailed manner.
In the same time, I'm struggling with my new blog, since I don't know how to settle lot of options. There is no blogroll like in Yahoo! blog where I used to put my sites in this option called "blogroll." I still visit the options in this blog from time to time and try to surf a bit in the options to see if there is something I've missed already. I need a concrete way to tell people about my previous blog where most of the details about the story of Alexander and the fonts had been mentioned before.
In the meantime, I go one trying to imagine what to do artistically concerning the story of Alexander. I've decided to go on trying to do something that looks like a medieval manuscript with some paintings and text in Ayvarith script and depicting a scene from the story of Alexander. Yet, I'm not sure how I'm going to add all of that into the site in the myth section, but there is a big chance that I will use the Flash capabilities. Flash is good for compressing audio files. Also, I will try to depend solely this time on OpenOffice for typing the transliteration and other things (like my archaeology report), I think this program has a future specially that it's free and has most of the options provided in Microsoft Office. The only bad thing I have here is that I can't use a shortcut for typing a symbol in the text, but I have to use the menues all the time and so on. Long process, but I might overcome that by using the "replace" capabilities in the "Edit" menu.

Too many ideas and too many work and yet little bit of mood is available.
Just remembered, maybe I should send a notice to some friends about this new blog, though, they might not like it anyway!

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