Friday, April 10, 2009

Clogged With Thoughts...

Although, usually, I don't write anything within the story of Alexander in weekends, but today I made some lines in the 6th part. Not much compared to other days maybe, but I had some time to write some, yet not much inspiration for the miserable situation that I usually live every weekend.
Despite all that I grapped a paper and started to sketch some outlines. I began to classify the languages of the tribes and kingdoms mentioned in the map of the Daynur world.
The prime outline is divided into 5 categories of languages: Ayvaric, Galaic, Bulughiac, Zimuraic and Barbaric. I'm still looking in the map for the time being as this sketch might change later on. I guess I will have to do it and organize it properly by some other programs here and there.
I will try to publish this categorization somehow later on, maybe via Omniglot if Mr Ager accepted that. Beside this classification, I made a small chart as well to organize my work with putting a systematic change to the dialects in each main group of languages.
In the meantime as well, I'm putting the first corner stones for the upcoming conscript. I didn't specify yet for which tribe it would be, but the language shall be Ayvaric and derived from the Ayvarith, with a change in the vowel system and some consonants.
I think I will start recording the previous translations of the past parts of Alexander's story and put them as mp3s (or PCM Wav files) to make them ready for some action. I wonder if I have the power to work with Flash again!
We'll see!

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