Monday, April 6, 2009

I Hate Mondays...

Although Monday is not the first of working days, but I hate it so much... even before they change the old system for the weekend. Most of problems occur in this day.
The amazing thing is, someone called me and said that I have to pay 20KD for the Traffic Department for an accident I made in 2007. No one was hurt in the accident and nothing in the street was damaged except of my car, and yet I have to pay 20KD. The thing is, they called me on Monday and my accident was also on Monday.
We have a fuss around the campus where I work because of some visitors from highschools for the open day. And it all happens on Mondays.
I was planning to go to buy some gifts for my nieces but my colleague said he want to leave at 10 or so to do some stuff outside, again, it is Monday.

Still writing the story of Alexander and I reached line 480, which makes it as 20 verses with 24 lines in each verse. The journey of Alexander continues to Beten Yamta nomads to the north, to seek some knowledge of an old saying about the Ayvars.
Will I reach the 1000-line limit?

Guess what smart action I did today?
I bought a new DVD-RW and I found out that I don't have a DVD RW writer in my laptop!
Yes.... Welcome Monday...

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