Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beyond the Demon...

Just finished the battle between Alexander and the demon, few minutes before writing this entry.
And finally I got myself the time table for trips to Failaka island!!! Well, they are for this month and I'm gona check with friends on what time shall we set.

At home I stopped working with the Flash for my brother's site for the time being waiting for more updates and contents to be available since I cannot work and then do my work again for a minor update or so. Something wrong with the .fla file that seems I have to do it all over again. I'm trying to play some more games!

In the meantime, I'm thinking of some other dialects of Ayvarith and other scripts derived from the Ayvarith script, also, on the other hand, I'm thinking of a way to communicate by numbers, by assigning them to different parts of the body. This idea is not new in fact, I've already tried it before, long time ago, and wrote something about it but I faced many difficulties in formulating the concept and divisions of the sentence. Maybe my problem at that time was that I wanted to make it a FULL language-like script. This time I'm going to take another approach, and make it a communicative code, that is, using specific necessary words and dropping the necessities of real languages (or artificial) like syntax and parts of sentence. Symbols might be involved as well... as I did involve them already in the previous approach.

Back to the dialects of Ayvarith, mainly there would be northern dialect and a southern one as I already set my mind to it. Each dialect of those would have a specific (but not necessarily systematic) change. The range of vowels shall be expanded and the script might be mongolian-like, but ......... from bottom to top, and some consonant sounds might change as well.
The dialects shall be assigned to some tribes of the north in the artificial world of Daynur, like Huberians and Urevians, and to the south for the Millikan tribes (Millikan is an adjective for Millik). There is the tribe of Ushirites in the middle but anyway I think I will make a different story for this tribe and shall not include it in the southern dialect scheme.
Hieroglyphic style of writing is also in the air... boy I have so much ideas and so lil time and mood, but oh well .... life is going on!

To the poetry side, I'm thinking of some words but the inspiration is not yet revealed. I wrote some words but did not complete the piece or name it even. I wonder if I'm going to complete it ever. I was happy today when I made a search under my name in google and found out that some people did take pieces of my poetry for their sites and photos... there were really nice photos out there.

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