Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Machine is ON...

Continuing the work with Alexander's story. I finally fixed the recording problem, and seems I have to record in a 16bit resolution which makes the file larger. Seems all the roads lead me to be using Flash capabilities for the myth section in the webpage. I am almost ready for making the first part of the "Alexander Chornicles". The chronicles will be divided into 6 "books" (i.e. 6 parts or stories).
1. the book of Beginning (Bshíthá)
2. the book of Geltan (Géltán)
3. the book of Bulughman (Bulughman)
4. the book of Zimura (Zimúrá)
5. the book of Hoshea (Hosha'a)
6. the book of Ayvar (Ayvár)

and as I promised before, here is a sample of the Ayvarith, after applying some effects of course.

I worked out a simple schematic diagrams for the classifications of conlangs in the world of Daynur...

The first group is the Ayvaric languages (click to enlarge):

The second group is the Galaic (click to enlarge):

The third group is the Bulghaic (click to enlarge):

The fourth group is the Zimuraic (clik to enlarge):

The fifth and final group is the Barbaric (click to enlarge):

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