Monday, April 27, 2009

Slow Time...

Still writing the story and recording the previous parts. I reached part 4 but yet did not start with it. Weird feeling I got... as if the time was slowing down and I have no sense of anything at all. All what I wanted to do is drink tea and just watch some videos, beside playing around with my images.

an image taken from Failaka, before and after edition

Beside playing around, I finally extracted some words out of my mind and started to write a new poem. I called it "Chamomile." I was writing these words with a chamomile tea mug in my left hand and listening to the exotic music of Shahzoda, of Uzbekistan.
Recording the voice for my story is now relatively easier than before, but I have to edit after recording of course to erase some mistakes. Yet, some vowels that I might not have spelled correctly are left untouched.
I wonder if this change of senses for time was mainly caused by my state of rage yesterday... the Chamomile certainly has its own effects.

I need to find some time to accomplish of the other projects that I have in my mind... like creating the script of Beten Yamta nomads. The set of letters is almost ready, but needs writing with a calligraphic pen, and scanning images. On the other hand as well, I need to work on vectorizing my image of "Charnagút" which I sketched and scanned, but now needs some coloring. So much that can keep me busy, but would I have the power and mind to do so?

My story writing has slowed down for some time now because of the circumstances at work... this is the only time I can write in, otherwise, at home, other things occupy my mind... but until now I reached the limit of 1776 lines... this will absolutely make me exceed the 2000 limit, I suppose.

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