Friday, May 1, 2009

The Charnagút

The Charnagút

Here you find a scan for my own sketch of the Charnagut. I did not plan for this shape in the beginning but it was my hand that works separated from my imagination and mind. The scan looks weird with grey blocks as you can see, because the scan was done on 2 parts then combined together. The sketching book was so large for the scanner to take it all.
The sword looks small so I had to lengthen it a bit after the scan.
The work is going on now on vectorizing parts of the sword, and then each part of it shall be rasterized and be as an image by itself. I'm pushing far behind my abilities, this is what I think. I'm not an artist after all.

I can barely think clearly these days.... work... home..... everything is stressing me out. Sometimes I do think really of leaving work and do something else related to art... something that keeps me free instead of being like a slave or a prisoner to the stupid working conditions and laws in this state.

I got myself a little notebook lately, with a special green pen specifically for this note. It is to record any ideas I might encounter suddenly or any words of poetry that I might use later on. You don't know when are you going to use such things one day.

Today, Friday, I hope I would have a brainstorm to write something in Alexnader's story... I've passed the 2000 limit already (or to be so soon). I finished recording all the voice clips for all the previous parts (1-5), and now the part for the sound effects comes. After that I have to figure out a way to pin it down on the web.

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