Monday, May 4, 2009

Hard Time...

Work situation is getting aggressive a bit. More buttons to be pushed upon my head that makes me really think about resignation. Maybe I better be doing something more care-free. I've been seriously looking after some online jobs and stuff, specially those related to writing.
I did not do the required fingerprinting stuff today. It is the first day of the NEW HOLY system. I lowered down my recommendations to, at least, have a scanner machine in our building, which is something no one thought of before. We are neglected.

Here and there, I really don't know how long I can cope in here. I wish if I can just leave this and be some where else... at least for some time. My mind is clogged that I cannot think about anything in the time being, neither I can work out on the story of Alexander.

Today we had an opening ceremony for the second poster day in college and our center showed some posters that I did (3 actually). It's like the last year since we did not have the chance to print out more and new posters already.

As you can see I started to work with ads. The above link is a direct link to my profile in, where I upload some of my photos for selling. If you read this, go ahead and see, you might like something there!

The heart is longing for a poem, but yet the mind cannot find the words for it.

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