Sunday, May 10, 2009

Experiment war Erfolgreich!

Today's topic is in German. You might ask what the hell is that or why it is like that! Well, first of all it means "the experiment was successful" and why it is in German, this is because I appreciate the guys who were spreading tutorials about cracking the fingerprint scanners.
I'm not going into details here, but it's enough to say that I made an experiment to record my attendance on the fingerprint machine and it worked out, so I can give my copy to anyone to do it for me. You might think I'm a bit like a criminal, well, to my ethics I am not... and that what matters to me. I'm not attending to hurt anyone anyway.

On the other hand I've been trying to find a place among the writers and some other sources of income and that kept away for some time from writing my own story of Alexander. For this reason, I registered in under the pen name "SeanFear." Some people there liked my poem called Insanity. It makes me relieved a bit to see some people do like it. I'm going to write other things as well. I did already write a short article (with a bad sense of humor) about my life being a physicist and a physics student.

Just today I made a scan of the proposed characters for the Betenic script (finally!). Lot of work is involved because I have to settle down and neglect some shapes as well.

Some shapes proposed for vowels (left) and consonants (right)

I need some time to reflect on those shapes and pick the best I like, then I'm going to write a short note and design a basic scheme for the grammar and the sounds of the language. The writing of Betenic goes from bottom to top, starting from the lower left corner of the page, and when you reach the end of the page (top), you'll have to rotate the page 90 degrees CounterClockWise and continue writing. So on you continue until the writing ends to the center of the page.
Betenic is an ayvaric language and it has this specific character of aspirations for some letters and might add a vowel specially made for aspirations at the end of some words.

Well, that is a relief for now. Somehow, breaking a system and the law makes you happy sometimes! Don't get me wrong please, I do not attend to hurt anyone or like to be a criminal, it is but the sense of freedom!

Geocities got bad news for me! Yahoo! systems want to close the Geocities system completely... thus, I have to find another place for my page(s). Not only that, but maybe I have to recreate everything. Now this news will delay my publishing for the chapters of Alexander's chronicles, but it might give me time to finish the 6th final part and also make a translation and a transliteration. I hope the transition of the data from there would be easy, but still there are some stuff that I need to change completely, specially the Flash animation.


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