Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Things are going slowly since the last time I made an entry to this blog. Although I made a scan for the Betenic alphabet but I didn't pick up the forms that I would need and settle it down. Writing and writing and writing, this is what I'm doing at the current time as I'm trying to elevate my writing skills to a higher level via involving in

This is the new born kitty in our yard. Been feeding them for some time now. S/He was so weak and almost lying on the ground without moving much, but things are getting better.
In work, I'm sick of some things but for the time being I got somehow numb... I do not feel a thing. Like, what the heck... why should I work? What am I doing here? After some thought into it, I did discover that my existance isn't really necessary there... all what I need is the money from there. Needless to say the annoying blabbering you always get.
I wrote a new poem and called it Mother Hugs Daughter. The words for this poem were revealed to me when I was looking at a picture of a friend, from US, hugging her daughter. Sometimes, simple things just let you get into a wave of emotions... for no real obvious reason but because it is what it is.
Let's hope I will be able to push things forward as soon as possible. I hate to leave things unfinished, otherwise I'm going to forget everything about it, and forever.

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