Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Been working on my writings for some days, and doing several things. My mind is kind of scattered, but one thing is assured, I have this weird urge to write poems like.. Lynn. I'm trying to chase after beauty wherever it comes, where it goes.
I've started to stay in the office all the day (I mean all the working day) instead of going back home and then come back here to do a fingerprint. My colleague is not helping when it comes to giving a helping hand with this!
However, I'm getting myself busy with so many things that I know I wouldn't be able to do them when I get back home or just get lazy about it! The only bad thing is that some stuff need a better PC than this laptop which I take with me to work. During working in that manner, I just keep the music rolling on everything Irish. Time passes so fast, specially when you play the same song or music again and again and never get your enough of it! It has been some time since I listened to Celtic music. It helps also to spark some ideas for writing the story of Alexander, and poems as well.

Weird toothache! I can't locate the pain, and even my dentist said everything is OK. I'm on antibiotics for some time now until next Saturday to check back for any changes. The pain comes specially when I have a raise in my blood pressure.

Planning to go to Failaka next weekend but not confirmed yet. Hope to get more and more nice photos from there! And, less seasickness.

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