Sunday, May 24, 2009


Finally, Betenic is online:

I removed a wisdom tooth which I guess is the final one to remove, since I removed most of them when I was 17. The pain is gone but I have to cope with the blood still.

My mind is still scattered. I didn't write much in the past few days, plus, removing my tooth actually made me prone to stick to bed, thus I did not go to work today. My mood is just to sit and listen to Irish music. Still preparing for my trip in October though. There had been some ideas to shift it earlier to September but I guess I will make it on October. It is hard to change all the stuff that I did already.

I need to refresh my poetic memory and write something new. I get visions of some words but I can't make a full picture of it. I got lot of things to do tomorrow thus I don't think I would be able to write or think of something to write tomorrow. But in general, my life is peaceful for the current time, if I should say!

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