Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project Alexader, is over...

Finally, and after many upheavals and events, I put an end to the story of Alexander, ending with the 6th part in 3000 lines. It will be a really hard work to translate all of that indeed. It is but time to start a new story about the town of Qafra. Didn't think of a twist though.

I feel a bit of sadness though, since the death of a little kitty that was born in our yard some weeks ago. The two kittens were OK in the beginning but then started to get thinner and thinner. One has passed and I'm trying my best to feed and take care of the second one. I'm trying also to cool down the heat in the yard with this crazy sun in the summer by spraying some water with a manual air-pump. I feel my brain got out of my ears already.

The late kitty, 2 weeks almost before his death

I sent the Visa request via DHL to the Irish embassy in Riyadh, since we don't have one here. It was somehow a complicated matter for me since it is the first time I do all of that. Everything went OK I suppose, and I'm waiting for my DHL to arrive back with my passport. I made booking already for the place I'm going to stay in Ireland, though I was advised not to go in October because the weather is "so" cold there at this time, but I decided to give it a shot. I went to Iran before, this cannot be worse! All what is left for me now is the tickets which I'm still looking after for some good bargain. The Turkish Airways (Türkçe Hava Yolları) seem to be the best bargain so far.

Summer is coming and I hope it will be a quiet one... but surely it's going to be a heated one indeed.

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