Sunday, June 7, 2009


Been idle for some days. Trying to take care of the new kitty that was left out from the couple, after the death of the previous one. Feeding him and taking care of plants and spraying water all over the place fo cool down the place in this crazy heat... I'm powerless.

Thoughts race through my mind of how to begin drawing a manuscript-like sketches and color them to be added later on in my photos collection and also to be an aid in my Ayvarith page. Also, I almost forgot that I have to translate the 6th and final part of Alexander's story! The Ayvarith page in Geocities will be removed since Yahoo! will end this service soon, which leaves me like a homeless now! I have to think of another website to build up this free page. Not only that, but also to transfer the files and also maybe make a new template for the webpage. Moving the dictionary alone is a killing pain. Still no news about the exact time of the closure.

Things at work are going smoothly, and I'm waiting for a reply from the Irish embassy about my Visa status. I've been writing some poems, the latest was "If the world is made of gold"and trying hard not to lose the trend of ideas for poems in my mind.

Walking with my camera and taking photos here and there. It helps sometimes to make some ideas for poetry as well.

The little amigo lying on the floor and staring at my camera.

I found him yesterday out of the house for some reason I don't know,

and he was thirsty and hungry and barely could stand up with this crazy heat.

I think today he is better and able to walk again.

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