Monday, June 8, 2009

65 Pages!!!

Printed out the text file of the last part in the story of Alexander. It costed me 65 A4 pages! Thank God I have printers in my work place! 65, is the number after minimizing the font to 10 or 11 (I don't remember) and making it bold. I had to go around the printers available like if I was checking eggs under hens. Printed out the pages in blue since the black ink was over. Life is hard these days indeed!

Now I have to think of some way to devise some time to this tideous work. Another tideous work awaits for me when Geocities is closed and I don't know yet what to do. I'm busy with my own projects rather than with my own work. Although this busy mind is not taking a rest, either with work-related thoughts or... some other thoughts, I was able to write another poem. I called it "Knocknacarra." Knocknacarra is a town in County Galway, Ireland. Never been these of course but seen some images of it on the web. Like all Irish towns, it is a lovely place by its own right. But for this poem, I like the sound of the name. Knocknacarra (Gaelic: cnoc na cathrach), is pronounced (by me at least) in this manner: kanok-na-carrah. Notice though in the Gaelic version there is a German "CH" sound, while "TH" is considered "H" (T with lenition or aspiration).

No news yet from the Irish embassy or from DHL about my passport. Hope I won't get into troubles more than what I have here. I've been living with no Receiver (satellite dish receiver). My receiver is not catching any signal, and I don't know whether the reason is the wires or the receiver itself. Not in mood to fix it just right now, thus I spend the day with some video tapes I had long ago. I just need something going on in the room to banish the silence.

The little devil staring the camera. First time for him to see such a thing.

The kitty is getting better after the last time I found him out of the house and lying on the ground motionless. I still think his body is weak though, but at least he is moving. I can't really depend on anyone to take care of him or feeding him while I'm away, thus I just start taking care of him directly after coming back from work with no break or rest.

I have now to start sketching something. Drawing and sketching been always a frightening experience for me. I think I have some sort of a phobia for everything related to drawing. But before doing so, I must find a way to clip these 65 pages together!!!

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