Sunday, June 21, 2009


My brain works in a mysterious way right now, but in my own language that means only in a spontaneous way. I have some ideas for some story beginnings, and the rest might come later I believe, but I'm hesitating. Should I start writing something now without doing anything in the translation process of this loooooong part of Alexander's story? And what about the sketch I'm supposed to do? Things are clashing in my mind and can't find an answer. On the other hand, I'm kind of convinced that I should start on something... otherwise the thread of ideas might cut off and I won't find something to write. At least I'll pen some stuff down. One of the ideas is to write something about my dear friend, who works with a bunch of stupids (don't worry, it's something regular in Kuwait).

My ear is, as it seems, doing better with the pain, but my hearing capabilities are lessened. Maybe I need some ear cleaning again (I did one 2 years ago) but after all this inflammation is gone. There is some pain that kicks for a second and then disappears but everything sounds OK for 2 days now. Last Thursday, everything was OK with it, until I had a shower afternoon and it started to kick out an unbelievable pain! And today, surely I have to take some shower, otherwise I'm gona be sooooo stinky!!

Working conditions are quiet and the regular fight with sales persons and invoices shall begin soon I believe after the delivery of some devices. I hate that but anyway, this is the good part of being not in a high place or position! Because your signatures typically means nothing! Well, I have to report the conditions with my director anyway and this is something manageable from my side at least.

Checking after my tail, I guess I have to note down some words in Bulughman and Zimuran, and also Betenic (the freshly made conlang). Zimuran might be less active, but I think I should add some words to the list of Bulughman and Betenic. When I talk about this I just remember the sad story of GeoCities closing down and having to do a huge work again in some other place! I think I can avoid this problem by buying a domain from Yahoo! but this is not so suitable for a humble page like mine with a simple design and not really intended for a commercial work at all! Man, all my brain thinks of right now is ........... VACATION. And I mean a vacation away from everything! Just me, my camera and nature.

No response yet from the Irish embassy in Riyadh... this is the first time for me to send a passport outside... so this kinda makes me awry.

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