Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paper Work!

Starting to fast, and planning to keep it on for 2 months and then Ramadhan shall arrive when I have to fast as well, so complete 3 months are there. Of course, I don't think I might go all the way, there might be some days when I wouldn't be able to fast or anything, before Ramadhan that is.

At work, I'm sick of the paper work. I'm wondering still about my certificate whether it is a B.Sc. in Physics or some certificate in adminstrative skills. Worst of all, sometimes I just do not understand any word in any paper. I can say that I'm tired of paper work more than doing my own job on detectors.

The day went well though as being the first day for fasting, in this unmerciful heat, yet, the weird part is I miss the pepsi can in my hand while I work on writing or translating. I have plenty of time now after coming back home but not in mood to work at the moment. I translated 5 verses so far (that is 120 lines) and long way to go! I think my translation is becoming more rapid and I get some tricks out of my pocket when it comes to words not used before. I spent something around 15 minutes to translate the 5th verse today before going out of work. The other hand work is the transliteration, which I'm using OpenOffice for. I have to "replace" some characters after finishing every verse since I can't assign shortcuts for special characters in OpenOffice.

Well, I think it is time to feed the cat outside, and take a shower or so... or I might not, since my ear is giving me some early alarms of possible pains coming on the way... just hope if they would go completely...

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