Monday, June 29, 2009


My work of translation was not much today. Barely one page just before I leave the office. I discovered I forgot my wallet in the office today as well! Hope I won't need it soon. Most of the time I was coping with the transliteration of 3 pages. Sometimes reading your own handwriting is hard, so hard that you won't believe that you wrote this or that!!!

Coping my ear at the time being with painkillers, taking them after the fast break of course, and let's not forget the ear drops. No pain so far but an annoying feeling of some liquid inside. Sometimes I feel I'm out of balance when I walk which makes me afraid of some deeper inflammations of the mid-ear.

I feel so tired inside... I feel the urge to write down a new poem but I can't find the words I need... and there is a devil playing in my mind... but I just can't find what is he doing for sure... flirtatious mood, yet so tired of life... a mix of feelings... . But I know what I really want right now. A rocking chair, a nice balcony, a pipe to smoke (though I'm not a smoker) and some green cover in front of you. That would be a great mood for writing I presume. But I must get back to reality now and worry about my wallet for the time being and tomorrow is going to be quite busy day for sure since my co-worker won't be there. I'm totally forgetting myself as being a "lab technician" but rather I'm a "paper boy" who does all the paper work. Ah well... I had my lesson in here. Get your money and leave. There is no point in working and trying to elevate the level of intelligence or life in this place. Your life, starts after work, with all the inspiration you can get and all the work you can do for yourself; Photography, painting, writing... etc. If you can do these IN and DURING your work, then you have a nice job I presume!

Speaking of photography, I'm thinking and trying to find a suitable spots and objects to take photos for. I've been reading some documents about photography and I'm trying to test what I read. No luck yet with finding one though.

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