Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, maybe I should work on my translation instead of writing down this blog, but I can't. I'm so tired and I don't know how am I going to drive back home. 30 minutes are left to leave this place.

By coincedence I was googling around, and I came over pictures for contestants in Miss Deaf World. Well, as always with the beauties, my eyes kept open wide. But mostly, one angel caught my eye, and that would be Yulina Arslanova. She's Russian, but her looks and the last name aren't so Russian I believe. Arslan is deemed as a turkic name, which reminds me of the king Alp Arslan, the father of Malikshah I of the Seljuks in the medieval times. I translated one true story that happened during his reign when he organized with the help of his Vizier, Nizam-e-Mulk, a debate that lasted for 3 days between the Shiite and Sunni scholars in Baghdad. The story was entitled: The Conference of Baghdad's Ulema. REMEMBER, YOU CAN READ THE STORY FOR FREE AS I TRANSLATED IT IN SACRED-TEXTS.COM. DO NOT BUY ANY TRANSLATION UNDER MY NAME FROM ANY PUBLISHERS ONLINE. THEY DID NOT GET ANY AUTHORIZATION FOR THIS JOB.

Back to the deaf world. As I said afore, I think she has the Turkic looks. She was entitled 2nd Vicemiss, I don't know what they do but anyway, I think it is nice for a man to see beautiful faces like this from time to time (specially if he's a single). I think deafness, specially for a female, adds some sort of special beauty into the character. Maybe it is because it's almost impossible to catch a woman in a silent state? I don't know, but deaf girls surely have something special in my eyes.

My ear scares me off from time to time with excessive wax. This is disgusting you say right now, I know. But think of it the medical way. No pains since last Saturday but I'm afraid to touch it and clean it the usual way I do. I have a plan to go and check for another clean up if possible, providing that the inflammation had gone already.

I'm yawning so hard already, so I might not do anything useful at home.... as usual....

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