Sunday, July 26, 2009

Belleza Bendita

Today was a day that ran like a train in my life. Beginning with the early morning in the office changing samples and running devices, and then I spent a plenty of time working with photoshop over a photo of one cute girl (no names to be mentioned) that I called, Belleza Bendita. I made a mistake though in the design as I typed "bendito" instead of "bendita." She is a girl from somewhere with latin and italian roots, so imagine the shape! :)
Belleza Bendita means "Blessed Beauty." This is just what I see in her, and the most fascinating thing, in the whole thing, is the hazel eyes.

Later this morning, I had a call again from the Irish embassy asking me to fax some papers. They called me back on Wednesday asking me to do the visa online (which is something I checked for but I didn't find any information in their site confirming that)... however, I had to run here and there and back home to get the papers and sign them then send them by fax from a photocopy shop.

Got lot to do with photos these days, from people and from my own camera. The photo above is a minimized version of the panoramic view that I composed on the seashore Thursday's morning. The play of colors is, of course, made up... don'tell me you didn't figure this out! The actual size is around 3 meters by 1 meter (WxH). I think that would be somewhere around 9ft by 3ft. I wonder why don't they use the metric!!! It's easier!

Beside fixing photos and doing designs with photos, there is a queue of games that is waiting, and that makes me be idle for sure from completing my story. Games have their own priorities! :)

The yield for today is 2 pages of translation. Also, I discovered a new type of mistakes this time! A reptitive number sequences! YUK!
The repetitive sequence of numbers means that the verse is already more than 24 lines somehow, so if we assumed the total number of lines (after the previous mistakes were found) is 2997, I guess the number now would be 2999... well, closer to 3000, the supposed original number! But still, more mistakes to be found I guess...

As I was trying to type something for my story I figured out that the time doesn't help now, so I went on typing this entry instead... hoping that I might be able to do something at home with my story.
I had some thought of living some tiny adventure by trying to go to one of the islands, namely Miskan, where an old lighthouse built by the british still survives there, beside the new one as I read once. I don't know how much does it take to reach that place, but I heard that I can rent one of the boats lying around in some marinas. I need to re-think about it... specially with such a hot weather now.

It's just amazing, that feeling when you make someone smile... and from one second of dispair, you do make them fly... I think being a single man until this moment of my life, is paying back in a form of virtues... despite the devil that lives within me from time to time... Alas! Life, and so shall it go...

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