Friday, July 24, 2009

5 hours!

As I tried hard to use this 3 days weekend as much as I can, I decided to go to the shore Yesterday's morning and try to give it a shot. The results were disappointing. I tried to be there just before the sunrise. I reached the place before the sunrise, but unfortunately, there were some people who were like camping in the place, and this is not so good to catch things with your camera. This is one thing that counts for the virtues of winter time! No people in early morning because of the coldness and yet you get nice sunset and sunrise views and colorful skies... in summer, nothing.
I didn't give up though, so I tried my best ot use the photos somehow. The HDR trials (with 3 successive shots in 3 different exposures) failed because of the little breeze, the bushes started to move making unstable shot. The tone mapping also did not work, as I am no so experienced with it and maybe the exposure gaps between shots must be something greater than 1/3 stop? I'm not sure.
To not turn the situation into a complete disaster, I decided to use the magic of photoshop here and try to do something here, and you can see the result above in the beginning. The sunrising wasn't so obvious as the sun started to raise up behind some clouds of dust or so, and the sundisk was not obvious until 30 minutes after the beginning of the rise!

The great disappointment however, was when I got back home and worked a bit with my pc, some photo processing and some games, and then went to bed. I was awake for like 12 hours or more, but after all I couldn't sleep more than 5 hours. The timing is almost a constant for me... the 5 hours thing is the fixed sleeping time however tired I might be. Today, I slept more than 5 hours but in fact, I was just flipping in bed napping and waking up every 30 minutes, but essentially, I slept for 5 hours only!
I don't think I will be able to do anything with my story or the translation in this holiday, but I will keep on playing and playing! I might consider stopping my fasting just to take a cup of coffee and write something by day time. The cold AC in this room freezes my fingers and, well, I guess I must stop typing this!

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