Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to Normal?

Today was not quite a busy day... but I spent lot of time chatting in some rooms. I miss going there for some time so went on to try my luck again and get some new "friends" if I should say. Although I dedicated this day for translation, but I couldn't do more than 2 pages til this very moment, and since the time is close to when I leave this place, I guess I won't work on more of it. It was kind of an active day at work however; watching over devices, and answering phone calls like a secretary.

I'm back to fasting again. I got my 2 nieces 2 gifts yesterday... some "sand coloring." Hope they'll like it.

Maybe I reached a deal with myself concerning how to plan for my writing progressing... I guess I will make one day for translating and the next one for writing my story, and so on. As for poetry, I shall pin it down whenever inspiration strikes again. Some words are hovering around my mind but still I can't collect my thought and write something. I guess it would be something about the Dandelion.

We have a religious holiday tomorrow and that makes this weekend made of 3 days instead of 2! Must use them somehow, but I just can tell how! If only I can go to Failaka island for more photos to snap. Well, I might try as well to do some photography around my place somehow, or try to catch the sunrise as I used to do in the old days... but the sunrise nowadays is so early that I'm not sure I'm going to catch it. Sometimes you get so frustrated about your holiday that you just can't think of what to do in it until it's all passed out!

Well, time for me to pack my stuff and get back home and have a nap... I might do some mischief tonight!

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