Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brainstorming Needed...

Today, I decided not to do any translation for Alexander's story, and concentrate more on writing something for my story in writing.com. I can't say I did write much but in general sense it was more than I did before in the past few days. As for the translation it can wait. I had to do this to keep on catching the ideas that were afloat in my brain at the time of the writing. Up til now I can say the story is still so short. The latest count are: 8048 words in general, and 268 lines. I have an idea of naming the story "Ear to Ear" for some reason mentioned in the story, which I won't tell for now!

I stopped fasting today, as I have some plans to things out tonight and I'd need to have dinner. I hope the day passes out fine, since the mall I'm going to is a mess... specially with kids not having any schools right now. It won't make much a difference if you go by weekend or in the middle of the week now. I have to go to buy some gifts for my niece, who will have her birthday at the 23rd of the month.

Thoughts were and are racing in my mind for the time being: If I had kids, should I be tortured like those parents I see nowadays? Why having kids is a pain? I had a thought that, what if I had a kid, and I made him be part of my activities... like surf the net together or playing the games I play together? If the parents nowadays are doing the same and still complain about their kids, then I surely have no idea about the real situation of the parents nowadays!

You might ask about the photo in the beginning of this entry... well... there is no occasion really. Just felt of putting it there! I shot this photo on the seashore with my old Sony camera. It was sunrise, and the play in th exposure rate made the view to be sort of tropical. You don't want to see the real thing... it was just a punch of old dry branches and trashed sand on the ground! Camera tricks sometimes are a "must" !

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