Sunday, July 19, 2009

Time In No Time

It was somehow a quiet day today... not much troubles! But I had to spend most of the time coping with this damned connection here which was like ON and OFF most of the time, while I download some of the files from one of my accounts in GeoCities. I should check if they enabled the FTP for this purpose, it was a tiresome task and took over most of my time. Right now, I finished downloading the contents of 3 of my accounts, and yet there are another 3 to go (or is it 2? I can't remember). The idea of this close-down strikes me with nostalgia, if I can call it so. I think there is no way but to re-build and make a new theme for the Ayvarith website... somewhere else this time.

The yield for today's translation was 2 verses, reaching line #480, which would be something else if I corrected the missing numbers that I've found! I didn't find more missing lines so far, which makes me relax a bit. Thinking about the transliteration that I have to do shakes my mood violently... I don't know when to do this, and I think I failed to push myself to work on it at home. I'm busy playing some games! Games are so important for me and I take it as a homework!

I didn't work on my story for days now, but thinking of working on it little bit after posting this entry. It would be awesome if I can manage to be some where, maybe overlooking the sea and try to concentrate on writing it... nature is an eloquent motivational speaker.

If only I can control my mood... I would have plenty of time for everything...

On the other hand, we got some photos from Iraq, from the holy site of Al-Kazimain, from a friend of the family, Sayyid Abbas. Notice that "Sayyid" is a title and not a name (though some people use it as a name). I managed to manipulate them a bit with photoshop to make more vibrant colors, since most of the photos were taken in a dusty weather. Please, click on each photo to read a commentary about it:

Twin Domes

The Dome of Al-Kazim (PUH)

The Roof Beside The Dome

The Gate

Shrine - Tomb

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